White noise online is a Slender-esque horror game in which the player must search for tape recorders while avoiding the "White Noise". The game features a multiplayer co-op feature in which the player and friends may experiance the game together. The players to either split up or stick together when searching for the hidden tapes while conserving their flashlight power and avoiding the monster in the dark. If a player fails to avoid the White Noise they are killed and will become a ghost. While in ghost form, a player can continue to aid their friends by leading them towards tapes. The game is lost when all all players are killed. The game is "won" when all of the tapes have been collected.


Although the game is a great step up from its inspiration "Slender: the eight pages" some mechanics could still be improved, namely the following:

Difficulty curb: The game becomes too difficult too suddenly. I would like to see a gradual progression in difficulty.

Movement speed: The player feels far to slow to the point of frustration.

All in all I feel that this game is a very good way to spend time with friends, however it is unlikely to be very entertaining alone. I also feel that the extremley steep difficulty curb will discourage some players as the game goes from impossibly easy to impossibly difficult after finding one tape.